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Infrastructural Facilities

We submit that we conduct yoga classes and teacher training courses including asanas, pranayamas and meditation. Yoga and meditation has become more relevant in present day life of stress, strain, anxiety etc and helps in overcoming most of the psychosomatic diseases.
For this purpose we mainly require two things:

(1) Competent teachers (2) Sufficient airy, serene accommodation

Land and building and area earmarked for R& D Activities

The land utilized for the R&D work is situated in the following address:
Old no 128, New No 16, Avadanam Pappier (A.P) Road, Choolai, Channai , Tamil Nadu 600112.

Our Institution has spacious halls apart from other facilities like office room furnished with computer etc., library and the rooms for acharyas and a big hall for yoga and meditation. The total accommodation area is little above 6,500 sq.ft. The R&D program are organized and run by reputed experienced personnel from the Shiv Darshan Yoga Vidyalaya.
The Founder and the Managing Trustee are Swami Vajrapani Saraswati and Swami Gambhirananda respectively. They are the direct disciples of Paramhamsa Swami Satyananda Saraswati who established the world renowned Bihar School of Yoga. Swami Vajrapani Saraswati, the Founder Swami Gambhirananda Saraswati Managing Trustee and Acharya have been in the field of Yoga for more than 50 years, and have been honoured with the most prestigious “Golden Swamiji” Award for continued service at the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Bihar School of Yoga.

They form the head of the R&D activities and have the sole say in the proceedings of the activities. Shiv Darshan Yoga Vidyalaya conducts courses in general fields of Yoga for the welfare of its students. Also, the ashram organizes specialized courses on the signature techniques developed and enhanced by the Bihar School of Yoga such as Shatkarma Kriyas, Yoga Nidra and Pawan mukthasana.


In yoga therapy, first and foremost is so identify the disorder and go to the root cause. Unlike in allopathic the traditional Indian system perceives ‘Nadies’ or ‘pulse’, its variation. With a rich experience the yoga teacher could identify the illness or imbalance in function of the human systems. However, for the benefits of the patients and to assist therapy, we have the following equipments at present.
(i) B.P. measuring equipment for B.P.
(ii) Glucometer for Diabetes
(iii) Peak flow Meter to measure Lung Capacity for Asthmatic patients.
However, other clinical facilities for pathological test, machines, ECG, scan, Electronic photograph, Positron Emission Tomography (PET) are assessed using tie-ups with private diagnostic centers regularly. We also plan to establish a full-fledged Diagnostic facility especially dedicated to assess the progress in the Therapy, when the funds support us.


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